10 Awesome and Exciting Ideas to Make Your Home less Boring in Singapore

Although the houses in Singapore are pretty short on space, there still so many exciting and amazing things that you can do in order to make your home into an awesome one which will leave your neighbors in awe.

1. Roller Blinds Singapore

The blinds may seem like an ordinary thing to be placed on the windows of your home, but if you use them on the right windows, they can make just an excellent view of the scenery and uniqueness in your home as any other out of ordinary furniture. Like this home shown in the windows, the owners have made perfect use of the roller blinds to create a beautiful view. Other types of blinds other than Roller Blinds Singapore are like Venetian Blinds Singapore, Window Blinds Singapore and Wooden Blinds Singapore

Roller Blinds (pintrest.com)

Source: pintrest.com

2. Chalkboard Wall in Kitchen

If you are one of the maddest and ambitious chefs who just likes to keep experimenting with her/his recipes, this chalkboard wall is the perfect thing to be placed in your kitchen. With the right placement, this chalkboard wall will show your love for cooking to anyone who sees it.

Chalkboard Wall (trendir.com)

Source: trendir.com

3. Guitar Collection Show

The guitars are a very popular musical equipment with the music lovers. If your love for guitars goes beyond the craziness, you can use it to make your home even cooler. Showing off your guitar collection will definitely pack a surprise punch for your guests and your friends when they see it.

Guitar Collection (pintrest.com)

Source: pintrest.com

4. Fusion Dining and Pool Table

Are you a fan of Snooker or other pool games like 8-ball or 9-ball, but don’t have the space to keep a pool table in your home? Impress yourself and your friends with the dining table which has a pool table hidden right underneath it. It’s the perfect way to grab the attention of anyone who comes to visit you.

5. Transparent Bathtub

The bathtubs are almost a common thing in every house for those who like to take some time to relax when in the baths. Take that experience to the next level by installing a transparent bathtub in your bathroom. Keep your family astonished as they bathe and bend over to see if it really is transparent.

Transparent bathtub (crubed.com)

Source: crubed.com

6. Spiral Drinks Storage

Because of the short spaced houses in Singapore, it is hard to find space for equipment like fridges and refrigerators in your kitchen when you are installing a full kitchen set as well. Even if the fridge has been installed, it can’t store everything. Install this spiral underground storage, which will store your drinks and other edible ingredients without taking a single bit of space and will blow your friends out of their minds when they actually see how you store your drinks.

7. Add a Shelf to Your Hallway

The hallways are often the most wasted spaces and also the plain ones in any house. Make good use of these hallways to thoroughly impress anyone who passes through them by adding a wooden shelf in them. It will not only create extra storage, it will also add to the charm of your home.

Shelf in Hallway(pintrest.com)

Source: pintrest.com

8. The Incorporation of Wood

Wood always looks good when used as the walls or the floor of a house. It can be expensive to install so instead of installing the entirety of wood, incorporate it into your home and achieve the beautiful combination of nature with modernism.

Wood Incorporation (dennislo.com)

Source: dennislo.com

Wood Incorporation (decoist.com)

Source: decoist.com

9. Kitchen Garden

Having a vertical garden of herbs and other necessary ingredients will not only come in handy, it will also give your guests a great impression when they visit your kitchen. Having a whole garden of fresh herbs in the kitchen will not only provide better taste for food, it will also improve the quality of air in the kitchen.

Kitchen Garden (qaillax.tk)

Source: qaillax.tk

10. Secret Room

Having a secret room is always a thing of excitement and give the feeling of coolness ad secrecy which is only seen in spy movies. You can have that same hidden room in your home by adding this bookcase which will hide the entrance of any room in your home and then will spill the secret by surprising your friends and guests.

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