10 Common Renovation Mistakes to Avoid in Singapore

Renovation has always been an exciting activity in which the renovator can drown himself losing the sense of time. But as exciting as an activity it may be, it also makes the renovator prone to making some obvious and common mistakes which could have been avoided otherwise. While having various types of blinds such as Venetian blinds Singapore is definitely not a mistake, here are 10 of many common mistakes which can easily be avoided when renovating your home in Singapore. Brought to you by Urban Home Singapore.

1. Not Doing Your Homework

Like every other thing out there in the world, the renovation requires the act of research to a certain degree. If you just walk up to the designer without knowing the first thing about renovation or interior designs, you’ll have a lot of trouble deciding what you want when it comes to it.

Not doing Your Homework Urbanhome.com.sg Blinds Singapore

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2. Blindly Following the Interior Trends

It is completely alright to want to keep up with the trending interiors but getting carried away with isn’t. Items like blinds and curtains in Singapore are popular and trendy but make sure they match with your decided décor of you home. Stick to what suits you best and what you love to have in your home. If you the trendy interior designs in your home, introduce them in small doses so that you can still be satisfied with your home’s interior after 5 years.

3. Not Hiring an Interior Designer or Hiring the Wrong Person

Some people think that interior design is an overly simple task and decide to do it by themselves. Some people accept the need of an interior designer but hire the person which doesn’t match their requirements or have a good chemistry with them. Both are troublesome mistakes and should be avoided at all costs.

4. Not Involving Yourself in Renovation

Some people think that after hiring an interior designer, their work is finished and the rest is up to that designer. That is one of the most critical mistakes a home owner can make. Without your involvement, the designer will never know about your preferences and your tastes and you may end up with something you don’t want.

5. Overlooking Small Mistakes

Whether it is during the planning, during renovation or after the renovation, never ignore any of the mistakes no matter how small they may be. Do that and they will come back to bite you. If you can notice those small mistakes, so can your friends and guests. Fix them as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary trouble.

6. Buying Furniture Before Planning Spaces

It is completely alright to want to bring in your favorite pieces of furniture in after renovation but never buy such furniture before taking their measurements and the measurements of your to-be-renovated home. Unplanned furniture will only bring more chaos when you move in your furniture.

7. Thematic Rooms for Kids

Kids grow up faster than you know so creating the thematic rooms for your kids needs some careful planning. The thematic rooms should be planned so that their décor may stay relevant to the ages of your kids and can be easily modified to match the décor when they grow up.

Thematic Roomds for Kids (houzz.com) Urbanhome.com.sg Blinds Singapore

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Thematic Roomds for Kids-(houzz.com) Urbanhome.com.sg Blinds Singapore

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8. No Budget Planning

Having a planned budget is the very foundation of your renovation. The renovations do not come cheap and bring in a lot of expense with them so it is extremely important to do some financial planning to have a realistic view of what you can achieve with your current budget.

9. Saving on Your Budget

While it is critical to stay within the budget that you have allotted for yourself, it is also important to expand where necessary. If the renovation demands further investment to get the whole thing done or if you like something and want to have it in your home at any cost, go for it. It is a lot better than sulking for the next 5 years regretting that you should have done it. It is our home after all.

10. Second Guessing

When you have decided on what you want your renovated home to look like, revise the whole thing a couple of times. Consider all the things you’ll need and want and make a final decision. Second guessing will bring you a lot of problems during the renovation and once things have started, you won’t have the luxury to decide the décor that you want.

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