10 Timeless Interior Design ideas in Singapore

10 Timeless Interior Design ideas in Singapore

The interior design of the apartments and homes in Singapore continues to change with the flow of time. As the time passes, new trends will replace the old ones leaving in need of a renovation project. But there are some interior designs which have the ability to stand the test of time and have been proven to be evergreen in Singapore.

1. Marble Kitchen Worktops

Wood may overtake the marble when it comes to floors but when it comes to the kitchen tops,  marble has the absolute dominance over every other kind of decor. Marble exudes elegance in the kitchens and table tops in Singapore. Look around you and you will realise that these classy marble tops have always been there and most probably will always be there in homes in Singapore

2. Blinds

When it comes to covering your windows with style, blinds are the best choice. The choice of multiple categories in blinds makes them unique and classic. If there are any windows covering décor, which have the ability to match any home décor, futuristic or past, it’s the blinds in Singapore.

3. Thin Legged Furniture

When it comes to the interior design in the houses which are short on space, the thin legged furniture is the best choice for both saving space and for creative any sort of décor which you have had in your mind. Not only does it save space, the thin legged furniture never goes out of style, making your home look bigger than it is.

Thin Legged Furniture (foter.com)

Source: foter.com

Thin Legged Furniture (ostkcdn.com)

Source: ostkcdn.com

4. Outdoor Spaces with Indoor Appeals

Everybody requires a place to relax. The relaxation effects are at their best when the nature is involved in the mix. So turn your outdoor spaces like balconies and such into your relaxation areas with elements which soothe and soften. these outdoor spaces with indoor appeals is a trend which is both relaxing and time tested.

Outdoor Spaces with indoor appeals (decoist.com)

Source: decoist.com

5. Wooden Flooring

When it comes to floors of the homes and apartments, there have been many trends like tiles and screed floorings which have been changing continuously over the years in Singapore. However, the one which stayed the same throughout the past century and still works best with any kind of décor is the wooden flooring. There are plenty of types of wooden floorings in Singapore so please do take your time to choose a suitable one for your home.

6. Natural Materials for Furniture

When it comes to furniture, natural materials have always been used and will always be used for the purpose of furniture. The exposed oak grain furniture, granite worktops and exposed beams create a classic look and will not go out of style,  unlike the materials like plastics or aluminium.

Natural Materials (scays.com)

Source: scays.com

7. Neutral Colors

Colors change with time. Sometimes it’s a color like brown or orange which was in trend like the colors in 60s and brown avocado in the 70s. The white color is one of top neutral colors and has the ability to go with any kind of décor so the neutral colors like white never go out of style and have the compatibility with any sort of décor.


8. Plain Walls and Ceiling

The walls retain their appeal and texture for longer if they are kept plain. As the time flows, the trends like wallpapers of different textures, colours and designs try to take their place at the walls and ceilings but the best option to maintain a timeless look is the plain walls and ceiling no matter what the colour is.

Plain Walls and Ceilings (hzcdn.com)

Source: hzcdn.com

Plain Walls and Ceilings (pinimg.com)

Source: pinimg.com

9. Introduce Nature inside Your Home

Growing plants inside one’s home is a practice which has been seen for centuries in different eras both modern and past. This very fact makes the act of growing plants inside the house into a timeless one. Depending on which plants you grow, you can incorporate different styles and looks with plants. Not only will you be able to have some greenery in your beloved home, some of these plants may actually supplement your daily diet, making your meal a organically home-grown one.

Introduce Nature Inside Your Home (pinimg.com)

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Introduce Nature Inside Your Home (de-index.com)

Source: de-index.com

Introduce Nature Inside Your Home (1decor.net)

Source: 1decor.net

10. Dining Place with an Awesome outdoor View

Sure there are many ways to create an ideal dining space like hanging some lights on it etc. But the one which has never gone out of style is the dining table with a view of the outdoors. It makes you feel relaxed, good and enhances the meals with a great view of the outside be it the city or the nature. Now, go ahead and move your dining tables nearer to the full-panel windows for an awesome outdoor view as you take your meals in the future.

Dining Places With Good outside view (leohoo.com)

Source: leohoo.com

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