10 Ways to Spruce up your home with Greenery in Singapore

There are many ways to decorate your home to improve its overall charm and appeal, one of which is to enhance the décor with greenery which is mainly used for its calming effect. When it comes to greenery, the plants are the first thing that comes to mind but they are not the only option. Artificial greenery also makes for excellent green décor. If you don’t want to be limited in your options, you can even use both at once to get a new and improved version of green décor. The sky is the limit for you. Here are some of the ways to spruce up your home with greenery.

1. Green Honeycomb Singapore Blinds

The Honeycomb Singapore Blinds are often used for the windows. One might think that to cover the house in green, he/she might need to get rid of the blinds but that’s not necessarily true. One can still keep the blinds and spruce up the windows in green. Use green Honeycomb Blinds Singapore Blinds to decorate your windows and go green with style.

green honeycomb (houzz.com) urbanhome.com.sg Blinds Singapore

Source: houzz.com

2. Green Walls

Green walls do not mean that you will have to paint the walls in green. Use the plants to cover up the walls near your dining area or TV lounge and perform your everyday activities with fresh air and soothing green plants. You’ll be killing two birds with one stone.

3. Pandan Plants and Leaves

The green can be introduced in any area of your home without any concern for its space or shape. If you want to see some green in your living room, bring in the Pandan plant. If you want it take as less space as possible, you don’t have to put a whole plant there to do it. Putting the giant Pandan leaves on display will also do the trick.



Source: Urbanhome.com.sg

4. Potted Plants with Brick Walls

The brick walls are still in the trendy interior designs and are present in almost every well decorated home. While they are more than sufficient in décor by themselves, a little touch of green can give them a new life. Use a potted plant with brick wall and savor its enhanced looks.

5. Hanging Plants

The walls are usually used to hang the art or family pictures since it is usually the most optimal place to do it but don’t underestimate plants. The plants have the capacity to get anywhere and that includes walls. Use hanging to decorate the walls and add some uniqueness to your home in wall decoration.

Wall hanging plants (pintrest) urbanhome.com.sg Blinds Singapore

Source: pintrest.com

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Source: ebay.com

6. The Green Invasion of Bathroom

As mentioned above, the plants are not to be underestimated. It is completely true that they can be placed anywhere inside a home and that includes the bathroom. Liven up your bathrooms with a few touches of green and make it unique.

green-bathroom(pintrest) urbanhome.com.sg Blinds Singapore

Source: pintrest.com

green-bathroom(houzz.com) urbanhome.com.sg Blinds Singapore

Source: houzz.com

7. Tall Plants by Window

Singapore is hot, we all know that. With the hot climate of Singapore, it is best to keep your home at room temperature or to your preference. ACs can do the trick but if you want to save on the bills and the blinds are not your top choice, use tall plants in front of the windows. Not only will they look good, they will also be getting the necessary light and heat and will be cooling the place down.

tall plants by windows (pintrest) urbanhome.com.sg Blinds Singapore

Source: pintrest.com

8. Green Balconies

If your home is surrounded with nothing but lush greenery, it is important to make a seamless connection between your home and outside nature. Use large potted plants on your balconies to make that connection so that both outside and inside may fit well with each other.

9. Artificial Grass for Balconies

The houses in Singapore usually come with restricted space which may means that it may or may not have a backyard. If latter is the case, cover your balcony floor with artificial grass to get those luxury green floors we usually see in movies and high class hotel. In absence of a balcony, use a turf by a large window to make up for it. It will also provide a refreshing experience for kids as well by presenting them with the opportunity of feeling the grass with their feet.

grass balcony (ibuild.sg) urbanhome.com.sg Blinds Singapore

Source: ibuild.sg

10. Edible Garden

When sprucing up the home with green, there’s no need to hold back. Use the edible herbs plants for the kitchen décor and you will not only have a green kitchen but you’ll also have a source of fresh herbs at an arm’s reach. It doesn’t have to be kitchen, you can plant it wherever you like and still get away with it.

IKEA Hydrophonics Garden (ikea.com) urbanhome.com.sg Blinds Singapore

Source: ikea.com

edible garden (qanvast.com) urbanhome.com.sg Blinds Singapore

Source: qanvast.com

edible garden (pintrest.com) urbanhome.com.sg Blinds Singapore

Source: pintrest.com

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