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10 Common Renovation Mistakes to Avoid in Singapore

Renovation has always been an exciting activity in which the renovator can drown himself losing the sense of time. But as exciting as an activity it may be, it also makes the renovator prone to making some obvious and common mistakes which could have been avoided otherwise. While having various types of blinds such as […]

10 Creative Space-Saving Solutions for Small Homes

The homes in Singapore are well known to be short on space. In this article with Urban Home Singapore, we would like to present you with great space saving creative ideas which will actually help you save the space while accommodating all the necessary furniture and kitchen ware in your home. From the using windows blinds […]

10 Timeless Interior Design ideas in Singapore

10 Timeless Interior Design ideas in Singapore The interior design of the apartments and homes in Singapore continues to change with the flow of time. As the time passes, new trends will replace the old ones leaving in need of a renovation project. But there are some interior designs which have the ability to stand the test […]

10 Things You Should Do To Your Home in Singapore

When it comes to the interior design in Singapore, there are plenty of options available for you to decide on. There are plenty of options to choose from like decorating the windows with roller blinds or the some other windows blinds in Singapore. 1. Brick Walls The Brick Walls can provide your room with the […]

Top 10 Popular Renovation Ideas for your homes in Singapore

Homes today in Singapore come in a wide variety of styles, ranging from Scandinavian, industrial, contemporary, modern and an assortment of other styles. But when it comes to decor features, many homeowners in Singapore are playing it safe and chose similar furnishings to replicate a particular home decor style. Keep scrolling down to view the various types […]