Ultimate Guide to save money when renovating your home (A must read for any new home owners)

  1. Head over to neighboring Johor Bahru for value buys

Neighboring Johor Bahru is not only famous for short weekend staycation and hipster cafes. You can find absolute steals on down lights, dining table lights, ceiling fans, standing fans, wallpaper, stainless steel fittings such as dishrack, taps etc. All of these can be found in a small area of JB called Ros Merah. The area is no bigger than our typical neighborhood market, but full of shops with lightings and fans. To save even more money, you may choose to purchase a Malaysia SIM card and taking Uber from City Square JB to Ros Merah, costing about 6RM for a 15 mins ride, much cheaper than street hail in JB. Contact us if you will need namecards and details on where exactly to head to in JB. After purchasing, you can request for one of the shops to call a “Ba Wang Che” for you to bring the goods and you back to Singapore. A one-way trip costs about $90SGD.

Some indicative prices based on experience:

  • A typical down light can cost between 14RM to 30RM, while the same one in Singapore will cost 14SGD to 30SGD. Massive savings considering one home typically needs about 30 or more down lights.
  • Ceiling fans can range from 300RM to 1300RM. The same model and brand in Singapore will set you back for the same amount, but in SGD. We have done a comparison across various brands and the conclusion is “same price, different currency”. ie: approximately 66% savings when you consider the exchange rates.
  • Standing fans cost about $50SGD for a KDK/Panasonic. The exact same model cost about $150SGD in major electronics stores in Singapore.
  • Wall papers costs about 90RM for a roll of basic wall paper, and increases with fancier designs.
  • Stainless steel fittings at JB cost about half the price of stainless steel fittings found in Singapore.

Some food places in JB worth checking out while you are there (may not be Halal):

  • Johor Bahru Kam Long Curry Fish Head
  • Restoran Ya Wang
  • Naughty Nuri’s Warung
Jalan Ros Merah - Blinds Singapore - urbanhome.com.sg

Google Street image of Jalan Ros Merah in Johor Bahru

  1. Purchase some home decorative items on Taobao/ Tmall

It is well known that the quality of goods on Taobao is debatable. However, that should not deter home owners from seeking out the value for money purchases from Taobao. Tmall, on the other hand, has slightly more upmarket home furnishings for sale at a slightly premium price tag.  We recommend getting smaller home furnishings such as bean bags, dining table lightings, balcony chairs, bar stools, photo frames, tool boxes, ladder etc from Tabobao or Tmall.

A general rule of thumb is that anything that requires warranty is not recommended to get from Taobao/Tmall, as the warranty claim would be costly and time consuming. For furniture such as bed frames, sofa, dining table, coffee table, we recommend buying locally for a peace of mind.

Prior to purchasing on Taobao, one would need to read the reviews and volume transacted to gauge the quality of goods. In general, the quality of goods and money paid for it has a linear relationship.

Taobao - Blinds Singapore - urbanhome.com.sg

Tmall - Blinds Singapore - urbanhome.com.sg


  1. Make purchases for furniture well in advance during GSS or Black Friday sales

GSS during the mid year and Black Friday during the end of year is the perfect opportunity to snag some great deals on furniture. Some furniture deals could be as low as 50% off original price. You can always put a deposit to lock in the promotion price and request to deliver when your home renovation is completed.

GSS - Blinds Singapore - urbanhome.com.sg

Black Friday sales - Blinds Singapore - urbanhome.com.sg


  1. Bulk Purchase electronics from major electronics stores

A little known secret is that you can get greater discounts when you directly approach the store manager of major electronics stores. Do not by shy to persistently ask for a greater discount when you purchase more. Go aggressive on the asking for discounts and freebies. It has been tested that price of electronics can be lowered by 10% to 20% off the original price. A new household will spend about $10,000 to $20,000 on new electrical appliances such as Television, Fridge, Washing Machine, Rice Cooker, Dryer, Vacuum, Air-conditioners, Fans, Soundbar. Use your credit cards during the purchase to get an additional 1% to 2% cashback. Contact us if you will like to know which electronic store and which manager to look for.

Harvey Norman - Blinds Singapore - urbanhome.com.sg

Courts - Blinds Singapore - urbanhome.com.sg


  1. Direct hire contractors

Direct hiring sub-contractors to do work such as painting, false ceiling, electrical, wet works, glass backing, dismantling, carpentry will save you tons of money as compared to the unit rates quoted by the interior designer. Although the savings (approximately 30% to 50% of overall renovation cost) could be massive, there are certain drawbacks that should be weighed as well. Firstly, you or an immediate family member will need to take on the role of an interior designer. Roles of an ID involves conceptualizing the home, as well as coordinating between each sub-contractor. This could take up much time and may not be suited for everyone’s schedule. Secondly, is the issue of damages to the home during renovation. If an ID is in charge, any damages to the preceding work can be attributed to the ID and rectification works should be dealt by the ID. However, if different sub-contractors are hired, the lines of fault will not be as clearly defined, and subsequent rectifications works may have to be borne by the home owner. Contact us if you will like to know the direct contacts for painting, false ceiling, electrical works, and carpentry.

9. Shangri-La Blinds (Urbanhome.com.sg)


  1. Less shopping trips with IDs

It is well known in the industry that any home owner who goes “shopping” with and ID will incur an additional 10% increase in cost price of items. Ask any furniture shop or lighting shop owner in Singapore and they will tell you the same thing. Even though there will not be an implicit marked up in costs, that 10% could be given to you instead in the form of discounts. Less shopping with IDs means more money saved for other expenses in the home renovation.


  1. Negotiation with IDs

This is probably the least talked about point as most of us Singaporeans are rather “paiseh” to negotiate with IDs. As most home owners will be spending quite a large sum of money, this is the time to unleash the inner negotiation master in you to save a couple of thousands of dollars. Here are some tips when negotiating with IDs:

  • Meet up with a couple of IDs. You will find that ideas do change with each ID that you meet. For convenience, request each ID to meet you at a certain location, with back to back meetings.
  • Judge each ID that you meet. See if the ID is confident about his/her work and thoughts.
  • Do not be afraid to let them know that you are also speaking with other IDs.
  • After receiving the quotes from IDs a couple to days later, compare each quote carefully for fine prints. The unit rates for each similar item should not differ by much. If the difference is a lot, question the ID on the difference.
  • General payment terms: 10% for 3D drawings, 30% prior to start of work, 50% prior to start of carpentry, 10% after all works is completed. Do not be pressurized by the ID to make early payments when work is not completed to satisfaction. Be firm in your stand.
  • During the conceptualisation of ideas, do not feel “paiseh” to request for changes to the design if you feel that the design is not up to your liking or standard. Someone once said “An ID only has to face the home for 3 months while the home owner will need to face it for a lifetime” That being said, the changes made must be in a reasonable context and timeframe.


  1. Buy Blinds direct from us! Buy from us! Buy from us!

Of course we are going to promote our own blinds and curtains. We are Singapore’s number one online store for Blinds and curtains. Do take sometime to look at our blinds designs and types. We are factory direct and our prices are definitely worth the quality of goods delivered. We have various types of blinds such as:

9. Shangri-La Blinds (Urbanhome.com.sg)2

10 Awesome and Exciting Ideas to Make Your Home less Boring in Singapore

Although the houses in Singapore are pretty short on space, there still so many exciting and amazing things that you can do in order to make your home into an awesome one which will leave your neighbors in awe.

1. Roller Blinds Singapore

The blinds may seem like an ordinary thing to be placed on the windows of your home, but if you use them on the right windows, they can make just an excellent view of the scenery and uniqueness in your home as any other out of ordinary furniture. Like this home shown in the windows, the owners have made perfect use of the roller blinds to create a beautiful view. Other types of blinds other than Roller Blinds Singapore are like Venetian Blinds Singapore, Window Blinds Singapore and Wooden Blinds Singapore

Roller Blinds (pintrest.com)

Source: pintrest.com

2. Chalkboard Wall in Kitchen

If you are one of the maddest and ambitious chefs who just likes to keep experimenting with her/his recipes, this chalkboard wall is the perfect thing to be placed in your kitchen. With the right placement, this chalkboard wall will show your love for cooking to anyone who sees it.

Chalkboard Wall (trendir.com)

Source: trendir.com

3. Guitar Collection Show

The guitars are a very popular musical equipment with the music lovers. If your love for guitars goes beyond the craziness, you can use it to make your home even cooler. Showing off your guitar collection will definitely pack a surprise punch for your guests and your friends when they see it.

Guitar Collection (pintrest.com)

Source: pintrest.com

4. Fusion Dining and Pool Table

Are you a fan of Snooker or other pool games like 8-ball or 9-ball, but don’t have the space to keep a pool table in your home? Impress yourself and your friends with the dining table which has a pool table hidden right underneath it. It’s the perfect way to grab the attention of anyone who comes to visit you.

5. Transparent Bathtub

The bathtubs are almost a common thing in every house for those who like to take some time to relax when in the baths. Take that experience to the next level by installing a transparent bathtub in your bathroom. Keep your family astonished as they bathe and bend over to see if it really is transparent.

Transparent bathtub (crubed.com)

Source: crubed.com

6. Spiral Drinks Storage

Because of the short spaced houses in Singapore, it is hard to find space for equipment like fridges and refrigerators in your kitchen when you are installing a full kitchen set as well. Even if the fridge has been installed, it can’t store everything. Install this spiral underground storage, which will store your drinks and other edible ingredients without taking a single bit of space and will blow your friends out of their minds when they actually see how you store your drinks.

7. Add a Shelf to Your Hallway

The hallways are often the most wasted spaces and also the plain ones in any house. Make good use of these hallways to thoroughly impress anyone who passes through them by adding a wooden shelf in them. It will not only create extra storage, it will also add to the charm of your home.

Shelf in Hallway(pintrest.com)

Source: pintrest.com

8. The Incorporation of Wood

Wood always looks good when used as the walls or the floor of a house. It can be expensive to install so instead of installing the entirety of wood, incorporate it into your home and achieve the beautiful combination of nature with modernism.

Wood Incorporation (dennislo.com)

Source: dennislo.com

Wood Incorporation (decoist.com)

Source: decoist.com

9. Kitchen Garden

Having a vertical garden of herbs and other necessary ingredients will not only come in handy, it will also give your guests a great impression when they visit your kitchen. Having a whole garden of fresh herbs in the kitchen will not only provide better taste for food, it will also improve the quality of air in the kitchen.

Kitchen Garden (qaillax.tk)

Source: qaillax.tk

10. Secret Room

Having a secret room is always a thing of excitement and give the feeling of coolness ad secrecy which is only seen in spy movies. You can have that same hidden room in your home by adding this bookcase which will hide the entrance of any room in your home and then will spill the secret by surprising your friends and guests.

10 Ways to Spruce up your home with Greenery in Singapore

There are many ways to decorate your home to improve its overall charm and appeal, one of which is to enhance the décor with greenery which is mainly used for its calming effect. When it comes to greenery, the plants are the first thing that comes to mind but they are not the only option. Artificial greenery also makes for excellent green décor. If you don’t want to be limited in your options, you can even use both at once to get a new and improved version of green décor. The sky is the limit for you. Here are some of the ways to spruce up your home with greenery.

1. Green Honeycomb Singapore Blinds

The Honeycomb Singapore Blinds are often used for the windows. One might think that to cover the house in green, he/she might need to get rid of the blinds but that’s not necessarily true. One can still keep the blinds and spruce up the windows in green. Use green Honeycomb Blinds Singapore Blinds to decorate your windows and go green with style.

green honeycomb (houzz.com) urbanhome.com.sg Blinds Singapore

Source: houzz.com

2. Green Walls

Green walls do not mean that you will have to paint the walls in green. Use the plants to cover up the walls near your dining area or TV lounge and perform your everyday activities with fresh air and soothing green plants. You’ll be killing two birds with one stone.

3. Pandan Plants and Leaves

The green can be introduced in any area of your home without any concern for its space or shape. If you want to see some green in your living room, bring in the Pandan plant. If you want it take as less space as possible, you don’t have to put a whole plant there to do it. Putting the giant Pandan leaves on display will also do the trick.



Source: Urbanhome.com.sg

4. Potted Plants with Brick Walls

The brick walls are still in the trendy interior designs and are present in almost every well decorated home. While they are more than sufficient in décor by themselves, a little touch of green can give them a new life. Use a potted plant with brick wall and savor its enhanced looks.

5. Hanging Plants

The walls are usually used to hang the art or family pictures since it is usually the most optimal place to do it but don’t underestimate plants. The plants have the capacity to get anywhere and that includes walls. Use hanging to decorate the walls and add some uniqueness to your home in wall decoration.

Wall hanging plants (pintrest) urbanhome.com.sg Blinds Singapore

Source: pintrest.com

Wall hanging plants (ebay.com) urbanhome.com.sg Blinds Singapore

Source: ebay.com

6. The Green Invasion of Bathroom

As mentioned above, the plants are not to be underestimated. It is completely true that they can be placed anywhere inside a home and that includes the bathroom. Liven up your bathrooms with a few touches of green and make it unique.

green-bathroom(pintrest) urbanhome.com.sg Blinds Singapore

Source: pintrest.com

green-bathroom(houzz.com) urbanhome.com.sg Blinds Singapore

Source: houzz.com

7. Tall Plants by Window

Singapore is hot, we all know that. With the hot climate of Singapore, it is best to keep your home at room temperature or to your preference. ACs can do the trick but if you want to save on the bills and the blinds are not your top choice, use tall plants in front of the windows. Not only will they look good, they will also be getting the necessary light and heat and will be cooling the place down.

tall plants by windows (pintrest) urbanhome.com.sg Blinds Singapore

Source: pintrest.com

8. Green Balconies

If your home is surrounded with nothing but lush greenery, it is important to make a seamless connection between your home and outside nature. Use large potted plants on your balconies to make that connection so that both outside and inside may fit well with each other.

9. Artificial Grass for Balconies

The houses in Singapore usually come with restricted space which may means that it may or may not have a backyard. If latter is the case, cover your balcony floor with artificial grass to get those luxury green floors we usually see in movies and high class hotel. In absence of a balcony, use a turf by a large window to make up for it. It will also provide a refreshing experience for kids as well by presenting them with the opportunity of feeling the grass with their feet.

grass balcony (ibuild.sg) urbanhome.com.sg Blinds Singapore

Source: ibuild.sg

10. Edible Garden

When sprucing up the home with green, there’s no need to hold back. Use the edible herbs plants for the kitchen décor and you will not only have a green kitchen but you’ll also have a source of fresh herbs at an arm’s reach. It doesn’t have to be kitchen, you can plant it wherever you like and still get away with it.

IKEA Hydrophonics Garden (ikea.com) urbanhome.com.sg Blinds Singapore

Source: ikea.com

edible garden (qanvast.com) urbanhome.com.sg Blinds Singapore

Source: qanvast.com

edible garden (pintrest.com) urbanhome.com.sg Blinds Singapore

Source: pintrest.com

10 Creative Space-Saving Solutions for Small Homes

The homes in Singapore are well known to be short on space. In this article with Urban Home Singapore, we would like to present you with great space saving creative ideas which will actually help you save the space while accommodating all the necessary furniture and kitchen ware in your home. From the using windows blinds in Singapore to your bedroom and kitchen, we will provide you with great ideas so that you can make the most out of the limited space in your home.


1. Ceiling Mount Rotating Fans

The climate in Singapore is usually hot and some air conditioning or fans are necessary to cool down the rooms. When it comes to fans, ceiling mounted fans are favoured over conventional standing fans in Singapore these days. Not only will they work better the conventional standing fans in cooling the room, it will also cover the entire area of the living room or bedroom, thus saving you the space and expense of getting any additional fans. These ceiling mounted fans will not only cool down the rooms in super quick time, they will also add an additional touch of classiness to your home.


2. Laundry Room Closet

Due to the short space in homes in Singapore, the laundry rooms are not a common sight but the laundry tools still do exist. While you may not have the luxury of having a separate laundry room due to short space, your closet can provide you with that luxury of having such a exquisite function in your home. These small laundry rooms can be tucked away at some corner of your homes. Not only can they be used to store your washing machine or dryer, it can used to store your household essential items as well.

urbanhome.com.sg Urban Home Singapore Blinds Singapore

Source: houzz.com


3. Under The Bed Storage

No need to have an extra closet in your living room for your new clothes. Simply purchase a bed with the storage compartment underneath the mattress and put your new clothes and stuff inside it. It will save you a lot of space and it will keep your new clothes and stuff literally under you in your reach. What an awesome way to save space at home.


4. Wall Mount Televisions

Mount your TV on this cool wall mount TV bracket and enjoy watching TV in style. It will give you the uniqueness not found in common apartments and most of all it will allow you to save the space which the TV dresser will take. You can position the TV along the wall, perpendicular to the wall and what not. It’s all up to you.

urbanhome.com.sg Urban Home Singapore Blinds Singapore

Source: guysgab.com


5. Knife within a Knife within a Knife

Enough of the living rooms and bed rooms, now onto the Kitchen. In the kitchens, the many accessories and tools like knives take up a lot of space where a lot of other things could be fitted in. Rather than hanging all the knives separately on a shelf, get the cool knife within a knife can save the space while keeping the same amount of knives in your arsenal.

urbanhome.com.sg Urban Home Singapore Blinds Singapore

Source: Jebiga.com

urbanhome.com.sg Urban Home Singapore Blinds Singapore

Source: Jebiga.com


6. Cutting Board over the Sink

In the kitchens, the sink space is always sitting idle because it serves no other purpose other than washing dishes. Tame that unused space by using it as a cutting board so that kitchen is not always cluttered and efficient and fast work can be performed.

urbanhome.com.sg Urban Home Singapore Blinds Singapore

Source: Jebiga.com


7. Shelves Around and Above Doorways

The shelves are used to house books, decoration and ornaments to beautify the room and to store the books. But even these shelves require some space to be placed. Instead of making additional space for them, Use the mostly overlooked space around and above the doors.

urbanhome.com.sg Urban Home Singapore Blinds Singapore

Source: hzcdn.com

urbanhome.com.sg Urban Home Singapore Blinds Singapore

Source: houzz.com


8. Make a Tower of Babel with Chairs and Table

While the beautiful chairs and table make for excellent looking furniture which beautifies any room they are present in, they can also be used as a mini monument of the sort. Make a black version of a Tower of Babel with this beautiful chair and table and save space when you don’t need them.


9. Ottoman with Storage Inside

The Ottoman is known for its ability to save space in the homes and offices in which it is present by serving as a multi-purpose piece of furniture. Use the Ottoman for not only its usual purposes but also for storing shoes, bottles or anything of sort inside it as well.


10. Use Multi-purpose Furniture

In this day and age, one can hog all the furniture that one wants without occupying any additional space. The multi-purpose furniture has made it possible for people to have beds, sofas and shelves in the same space by using the multi-purpose furniture.

10 Timeless Interior Design ideas in Singapore

10 Timeless Interior Design ideas in Singapore

The interior design of the apartments and homes in Singapore continues to change with the flow of time. As the time passes, new trends will replace the old ones leaving in need of a renovation project. But there are some interior designs which have the ability to stand the test of time and have been proven to be evergreen in Singapore.

1. Marble Kitchen Worktops

Wood may overtake the marble when it comes to floors but when it comes to the kitchen tops,  marble has the absolute dominance over every other kind of decor. Marble exudes elegance in the kitchens and table tops in Singapore. Look around you and you will realise that these classy marble tops have always been there and most probably will always be there in homes in Singapore

2. Blinds

When it comes to covering your windows with style, blinds are the best choice. The choice of multiple categories in blinds makes them unique and classic. If there are any windows covering décor, which have the ability to match any home décor, futuristic or past, it’s the blinds in Singapore.

3. Thin Legged Furniture

When it comes to the interior design in the houses which are short on space, the thin legged furniture is the best choice for both saving space and for creative any sort of décor which you have had in your mind. Not only does it save space, the thin legged furniture never goes out of style, making your home look bigger than it is.

Thin Legged Furniture (foter.com)

Source: foter.com

Thin Legged Furniture (ostkcdn.com)

Source: ostkcdn.com

4. Outdoor Spaces with Indoor Appeals

Everybody requires a place to relax. The relaxation effects are at their best when the nature is involved in the mix. So turn your outdoor spaces like balconies and such into your relaxation areas with elements which soothe and soften. these outdoor spaces with indoor appeals is a trend which is both relaxing and time tested.

Outdoor Spaces with indoor appeals (decoist.com)

Source: decoist.com

5. Wooden Flooring

When it comes to floors of the homes and apartments, there have been many trends like tiles and screed floorings which have been changing continuously over the years in Singapore. However, the one which stayed the same throughout the past century and still works best with any kind of décor is the wooden flooring. There are plenty of types of wooden floorings in Singapore so please do take your time to choose a suitable one for your home.

6. Natural Materials for Furniture

When it comes to furniture, natural materials have always been used and will always be used for the purpose of furniture. The exposed oak grain furniture, granite worktops and exposed beams create a classic look and will not go out of style,  unlike the materials like plastics or aluminium.

Natural Materials (scays.com)

Source: scays.com

7. Neutral Colors

Colors change with time. Sometimes it’s a color like brown or orange which was in trend like the colors in 60s and brown avocado in the 70s. The white color is one of top neutral colors and has the ability to go with any kind of décor so the neutral colors like white never go out of style and have the compatibility with any sort of décor.


8. Plain Walls and Ceiling

The walls retain their appeal and texture for longer if they are kept plain. As the time flows, the trends like wallpapers of different textures, colours and designs try to take their place at the walls and ceilings but the best option to maintain a timeless look is the plain walls and ceiling no matter what the colour is.

Plain Walls and Ceilings (hzcdn.com)

Source: hzcdn.com

Plain Walls and Ceilings (pinimg.com)

Source: pinimg.com

9. Introduce Nature inside Your Home

Growing plants inside one’s home is a practice which has been seen for centuries in different eras both modern and past. This very fact makes the act of growing plants inside the house into a timeless one. Depending on which plants you grow, you can incorporate different styles and looks with plants. Not only will you be able to have some greenery in your beloved home, some of these plants may actually supplement your daily diet, making your meal a organically home-grown one.

Introduce Nature Inside Your Home (pinimg.com)

Source: pinimg.com

Introduce Nature Inside Your Home (de-index.com)

Source: de-index.com

Introduce Nature Inside Your Home (1decor.net)

Source: 1decor.net

10. Dining Place with an Awesome outdoor View

Sure there are many ways to create an ideal dining space like hanging some lights on it etc. But the one which has never gone out of style is the dining table with a view of the outdoors. It makes you feel relaxed, good and enhances the meals with a great view of the outside be it the city or the nature. Now, go ahead and move your dining tables nearer to the full-panel windows for an awesome outdoor view as you take your meals in the future.

Dining Places With Good outside view (leohoo.com)

Source: leohoo.com

10 Things You Should Do To Your Home in Singapore

When it comes to the interior design in Singapore, there are plenty of options available for you to decide on. There are plenty of options to choose from like decorating the windows with roller blinds or the some other windows blinds in Singapore.

1. Brick Walls

The Brick Walls can provide your room with the unique look it needs. Despite of being used again and again, the brick walls still remain a popular choice which can give the room a unique taste and décor that it needs to make furniture shine to its utmost limit.

Living Room Brick Wall (cdn.homedit.com) Urbanhome.com.sg Urban Home Singapore

Source: homedit.com

2.Track Lightings

Anybody who likes the flashy interior looks which is sometimes seen in some high-class 5-star hotels can feel the thrill and excitement of that same interior with the track lighting as well. They not only provide you with a stylish way of lighting the room, they also give a sense of modernism and uniqueness.

3. Black Pendant Lamps

The dinner in a light up room is an ordinary thing but to turn that dinner experience into a more exciting and classy one, the black pendant lamps hanging over your dining table are a great fit. Invite your friends and relatives to a dinner and impress them with it.

Black Pendant Lamps (thayray.com) Urbanhome.com.sg Urban Home Singapore

Source: thayray.com

Black Pendant Lamps (cdn.homedit.com) Urbanhome.com.sg Urban Home Singapore

Source: homedit.com

4. Eames Chairs

When it comes to chairs which could not only provide a sitting place for different places, like dinner table or study area, but also add to the décor of each place, the Eames chairs are the answer to it. They have a deep pocket sitting with a wooden base and look great anywhere they are placed.

Eames Chairs (cdn.homedit.com) Urbanhome.com.sg Urban Home Singapore

Source: homedit.com

5. Gallery Walls

Decorating the walls with pictures to turn them into a gallery may be an old and frequently used method, but it still packs the same punch as it did when it was first used. The pictures are meant to be hanged so why not take full advantage of it and turn a bare wall into a thing of beauty.

Wall Gallery (cdn.decoist.com) Urbanhome.com.sg Urban Home Singapore

Source: decoist.com

6. Bicycles on Walls

The bicycles are fun to ride but they still need space to be parked. But nobody said that it must be parked. You can hang you bicycle on the walls. Add a bit of creativity in the mix and you have bicycle hung on the wall which is looking like a part of your home.

7. Turn Your Balcony into a Room

Having open balconies have their own charms since you can get some fresh air and a perfect view of the whole city from them. But turn those balconies into the best room in your home with a great view turning into a luxury apartment.

Balcony into Living Room3 (lushome.com) Urbanhome.com.sg Urban Home Singapore

Source: lushome.com

Balcony into Living Room2 (lushome.com) Urbanhome.com.sg Urban Home Singapore

Source: lushome.com

8. Have an Open Dry Kitchen

You have an impressive looking kitchen and want your guests to see it without them getting the feeling of intrusion? Go for the open kitchen. Not only will it let your guests feasts their eyes on your awesome kitchen, it will also let you showoff your cooking and will give you more space.

Dry Kitchen (hzcdn.com) Urbanhome.com.sg Urban Home Singapore

Source: hzcdn.com

Dry Kitchen (homedit.com) Urbanhome.com.sg Urban Home Singapore

Source: homedit.com

9. Windows Blinds

The windows blinds are perfect to cover the windows while still allowing some of the sunlight to enter the room. Choose the ones which will perfectly suit the décor of the room and you have a classic interior look.

10. A Sofa Couch to the Living Room

Houses in Singapore are short on space. That is a fact. So instead of creating additional space to relax, just place your sofa couch in your living room. Fill it with fluffy pillows and use it to get lazy, have parties there and relax to your heart’s content.

Sofa Couch (hohodd.com) Urbanhome.com.sg Urban Home Singapore

Source: hohodd.com

Smart Interior Design Ideas for Small Apartments in Singapore

The apartments with small spaces may seem inadequate and small at first instance in Singapore but that does not have to be the case for your home. Even with the small apartments, with proper planning and the smart choices, any home can be renovated into luxury apartments at reasonable prices, with enough space to accommodate almost anything you want.

These choices are in the form of smart furniture or decoration choices. For example, the choices between the curtain or blinds in Singapore and the choices to furnish or redecorate the urban homes in Singapore is a choice many homeowners make. This is done, in order to make full use of the limited space and to ensure that you selected choices match the décor of the room. Additionally, the aim is to make the room décor outstanding by turning them into the focal points of the entire room.

Renovation Options to Consider

If you are not tight on budget, then a rectangular wooden panel that runs across the room with ceiling can break the monotony of the room and give it the look of an expensive room in a 5-star hotel.

Urban Home Singapore | Blinds Singapore

Source: treehugger.com

Apartments in Singapore have limited space so things like bicycles could be placed somewhere else. You can always mount them on the wall which will not only save space but will also give the impression of a healthy lifestyle. They can look exceptionally good as well depending on how you mount them.


Urban Home Singapore | Blinds Singapore

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Everybody needs a dining table in the home but some may not have enough space to accommodate on without clogging the dining room. We will recommend a décor hack such as multi-purpose furniture for this. For example, a dining table could be tucked away into a wall decoration after being used. Alternatively, you could purchase a dining table where the chairs could be stowed away neatly into the table. Lastly, you could customise a dry kitchen island platform which doubles up a dining table.


The same can be considered with the beds as well. Use wall beds so that you can use them to sleep at night and at day, they vanish into their furniture forms making it seem like they never existed at all. This is an awesome way to make your rooms look bigger than it is. Afterall, we only spend 7-8 hours a day on the bed, don’t we?

As for the kitchens, the sliding drawers and the hidden panels will not only make it a mess free kitchen but will also make it look cool when your friends and family visit.. The closets are also the same kind of furniture. Use the wall closets instead of big hulking ones so that, not only you may have a lot of space for storing your clothes etc, but also have a sense of hidden things in your apartment which will definitely surprise your friends and guests and leave them astonished. This is uncommon in Singapore but its the special things that make people special.


It may depend from the decorator to decorator but the main reasons which are considered when choosing the blinds in Singapore are not that different from person to person. The blinds in Singapore are mainly chosen by the decorators for their several benefits like natural light, sound insulation, design, freedom to feast the eyes with the view and the ease of maintenance. Blinds in Singapore come in several different categories like Shangri-La Blinds in Singapore and Honeycomb Blinds in Singapore with their own specialties, benefits and attractive designs and are chosen accordingly in renovations of small apartments in Singapore.

No matter what you decide upon, always make sure to have the decoration in which you feel comfortable. It is your home and your utmost comfort is the topmost priority in the selection of home décor.

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5 Types of Blinds to Increase the Classiness of your Home

Do you want to improve the overall classiness of your home and take its appearance to new heights? Adding in some great looking blinds from Urban Home Singapore can really help you get the results you want, it all comes down to how much you want to invest but the results can be more than impressive in the end. With that in mind, here are some of the best types of blinds you can add in to make your home’s image more appealing!

1. Woodlook rainbow blinds Singapore

What makes these Woodlook rainbow blinds interesting is the fact that they are large and come with 6 different types of awesome colours, so you can easily find the one that suits the theme of your home. A great thing here is that you have a whole lot of customization and aside from making your home more classy, these blinds Singapore work seamlessly and deliver a more cozy home since they can help you fully control the amount of light that enters your home.

2. Shangri-La blinds Singapore

These Shangri-La blinds Singapore are created in order to offer a very refined look and they do bring in front an ease of use that you can rarely find on the market. Combined with a great appeal and interesting look, they do tend to offer incredible results regardless of what budget you have and their classy look will feel right at home with your designs.

3. Honeycomb blinds Singapore

These Honeycomb blinds Singapore are amazing because they are all about offering a distinct look. Shaped in the form of a honeycomb, they have an extraordinary look and manage to bring in front a really neat experience all around.  They will impress your guests, provide your home with a fresh, classy look and your family will also enjoy them as well.

4. Folded Rainbow Blinds Singapore

One thing to note about these rainbow blinds Singapore is that they are very simple to begin with and the fact that they are folded and compact makes them an amazing choice for anyone that wants refined, lightweight blinds. It’s recommended to check these out if you have a traditional look to your room, as they will add in a perfect touch this way. However, they also work really well with more of a modern look too.

5. Classic rainbow blinds Singapore

This classic mode is more lightweight than others in this list and it doesn’t innovate as much, but it does bring in front a really good look and showcases the classiness of your home. It’s a great investment if you want functional blinds Singapore that seamlessly integrate with the beauty of your home without taking your eye.

In conclusion, there are many blinds Singapore types that you can check out. From honeycomb blinds Singapore to folded rainbow blinds Singapore, Shangri-La Blinds Singapore and many others, all of these offer incredible results and a very good experience. Just try and give these a shot if you want your home to get a classier look, you will not be disappointed!

Top 10 Popular Renovation Ideas for your homes in Singapore

Homes today in Singapore come in a wide variety of styles, ranging from Scandinavian, industrial, contemporary, modern and an assortment of other styles. But when it comes to decor features, many homeowners in Singapore are playing it safe and chose similar furnishings to replicate a particular home decor style.

Keep scrolling down to view the various types of decor features that you see in today’s homes in Singapore. Brace yourselves for some exciting new ideas for your home renovation which will sure to wow your family and friends!

1. Wooden Panel that spans across the room

Urban Home Singapore

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This room here uses wooden panel dividers to awesome effect with a wood panel running across the ceiling and hanging dividers cordoning off a small reading nook. By adding more separate spaces, the room becomes more comfortable, if not any bigger than what it actually is. What a fine piece of work here!


2. Bicycles on Walls

Hanging your bicycle on the wall in your living room is an easy way to clean up your living room space. It’s also an awesome method to organize multiple bikes and keep them from getting damaged. This decoration idea is also a fantastic showing of your sporty lifestyle when your friends and family are visiting! Awesome!


3. Exposed Bulb Lighting

Having exposed light bulbs and bulbs with transparent shades in your living room are becoming a common occurrence in Singapore homes these days, and in all forms of modern interior schemes. These awesome looking exposed light bulbs are no longer just for use in commercial premises or for styling of photographic shoots. The pure simplicity of the exposed light bulb is now being embraced in the typical Singapore residential interior design. Man, it looks really good here.

4. Cement Screed Walls & Floors

The uneven-toned of the cement screed walls and floor gives an edgy feel to the minimalist space. It’s relatively cheap to install, maintenance is minimal, and it gives a contemporary feel to a home. Almost synonymous with cafes and stylish lofts, the best places around your home which you can install these contemporary designs are the walls and floors. A money-saving method to look classy!

5. Rainbow Blinds

Rainbow Blinds are a fantastic option for a modern look for any contemporary home. Urban Home Singapore offers the widest range of colours for Rainbow Roller Blinds in Singapore. The translucent sheer fabric vanes of Rainbow Blinds Shadings can be positioned fully open, fully closed or anywhere in between for the privacy control you prefer. Because of its doubly layer fabric system and its uniqueness in the weaving, Rainbow Blinds can, at a point provide subtle sunlight into room, and at another point provide good coverage of light as long as its fabric pattern are set to staggered.

6. Track Lighting

Track Lighting is a popular lighting method that is used by a number of households and offices. These lights come with different designs, which make them ideal for decoration, and are also easy to install. Since these lighting structures only have one central location for attachment of lights, they don’t take a lot of space. Additionally, their light fixtures usually have small sizes, which make it the best option for those who want to save a lot of space in their houses or establishments especially the ceiling area.

7. Eames Chairs

Sporting a modern and sleek, the Eames Chair concept is designed by Charles and Ray Eames in the mid-20th century. The body of this chair is designed to perfectly complement the contours of human form. The Eames Chair features intricately crafted legs to contrast the plastic seat, giving it a contemporary look. The chair is commonly seen in many Singapore homes these days, and is available in a wide variety of colours.

8. Honeycomb Blinds

Utilising Honeycomb Blinds in Singapore are a fantastic modern look for any contemporary home. Urban Home offers a wide range of colours for Honeycomb Blinds in Singapore. Honeycomb Blinds utilises unique fabrics that are layered together to create a distinctive look with superb energy efficiency bringing stunning practicality to each room in your home.

9. Shangri-La Blinds

Shangri-La Blinds in Singapore are a fantastic modern look for any contemporary home. Urban Home offers a wide range of colours for Shangri-La Blinds in Singapore. The translucent sheer fabric vanes of Shangri-La Sheer Window Shadings can be positioned fully open, fully closed or anywhere in between for the privacy control you want. And unlike any other window shading available, Shangri-La Window Blinds can be raised with the vanes still open.

10. Gallery Walls

Urban Home Singapore

Source: pintrest.com

Urban Home Singapore

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Gallery Walls can come in many shapes, sizes, as well as themes. Spend some time to ponder about the theme that you will like to approach. Next, identify a wall that needs a style upgrade. Good gallery wall candidates include large, empty walls or awkward spaces where traditional artwork doesn’t quite fit. The coolest part of making your gallery wall idea a reality is the many ways you can create collections. Get creative with your displays to make a space that’s contemporary and unique to your personal style.

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What Are the Most Common Types of Blinds in Singapore?

When you are looking for blinds in Singapore, you will love the options that are available to you as you will be able to choose from all kinds of cheap blinds Singapore. There are many options that are out there for you for all of your needs of cheap blinds Singapore such as: Shangri-La blinds Singapore, Honeycomb blinds Singapore, Classic Rainbow Blinds Singapore, and Window Blinds Singapore. With Urban Home Singapore, you will bound to find a set of Blinds that is suitable for your home and office use.


What Are Shangri-La blinds?

The beautiful Shangri-La blinds Singapore are open and are perfect for everything that you may need when you are seeking an Eastern as well as elegant shading for your home. There are many colours of blinds that you will be able to find among the different kinds of Shangri-La blinds in Urban Home. The options of Shangri-La blinds Singapore are available in every kind of colour, size, and dimension and material. There are tons of options that are out there for you and that you will love for your home and all of your needs.


What Are Honeycomb Blinds?

You want to make sure that you are also able to check out some of the most affordable and popular options as well that are out there for you such as Honeycomb blinds Singapore. There are incredible choices that are out there for you with all kinds of colours, sizes, dimensions, and that are perfect for your home or for your office. You can sit down and have a discussion with your loved ones to make sure that you are able to choose the best one for your needs.


What Are Classic Rainbow Blinds Singapore?

Classic Rainbow Blinds Singapore is our lovely and affordable blinds in our catalogue. These different options are perfect for you to be able to enjoy the best and affordable options of Rainbow Blinds Singapore. Our Rainbow Blinds consists of Classic Rainbow Blinds, Woodlook Rainbow Blinds, as well as Folded Rainbow Blinds. With such a wide range of colours and blinds, there is bound to be a type of Rainbow Blinds that is suitable for your home!


As seen on on the description above, there are many amazing options that are out there for you when you need cheap blinds Singapore. You have the pick of the litter when you are looking for all of the right options you will love Shangri-La blinds Singapore, Honeycomb blinds Singapore, Rainbow Blinds Singapore, and Window Blinds Singapore. Get ready to enjoy the best options that are out there for you and your will find the right options.