Smart Interior Design Ideas for Small Apartments in Singapore

The apartments with small spaces may seem inadequate and small at first instance in Singapore but that does not have to be the case for your home. Even with the small apartments, with proper planning and the smart choices, any home can be renovated into luxury apartments at reasonable prices, with enough space to accommodate almost anything you want.

These choices are in the form of smart furniture or decoration choices. For example, the choices between the curtain or blinds in Singapore and the choices to furnish or redecorate the urban homes in Singapore is a choice many homeowners make. This is done, in order to make full use of the limited space and to ensure that you selected choices match the décor of the room. Additionally, the aim is to make the room décor outstanding by turning them into the focal points of the entire room.

Renovation Options to Consider

If you are not tight on budget, then a rectangular wooden panel that runs across the room with ceiling can break the monotony of the room and give it the look of an expensive room in a 5-star hotel.

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Apartments in Singapore have limited space so things like bicycles could be placed somewhere else. You can always mount them on the wall which will not only save space but will also give the impression of a healthy lifestyle. They can look exceptionally good as well depending on how you mount them.


Urban Home Singapore | Blinds Singapore



Everybody needs a dining table in the home but some may not have enough space to accommodate on without clogging the dining room. We will recommend a décor hack such as multi-purpose furniture for this. For example, a dining table could be tucked away into a wall decoration after being used. Alternatively, you could purchase a dining table where the chairs could be stowed away neatly into the table. Lastly, you could customise a dry kitchen island platform which doubles up a dining table.


The same can be considered with the beds as well. Use wall beds so that you can use them to sleep at night and at day, they vanish into their furniture forms making it seem like they never existed at all. This is an awesome way to make your rooms look bigger than it is. Afterall, we only spend 7-8 hours a day on the bed, don’t we?

As for the kitchens, the sliding drawers and the hidden panels will not only make it a mess free kitchen but will also make it look cool when your friends and family visit.. The closets are also the same kind of furniture. Use the wall closets instead of big hulking ones so that, not only you may have a lot of space for storing your clothes etc, but also have a sense of hidden things in your apartment which will definitely surprise your friends and guests and leave them astonished. This is uncommon in Singapore but its the special things that make people special.


It may depend from the decorator to decorator but the main reasons which are considered when choosing the blinds in Singapore are not that different from person to person. The blinds in Singapore are mainly chosen by the decorators for their several benefits like natural light, sound insulation, design, freedom to feast the eyes with the view and the ease of maintenance. Blinds in Singapore come in several different categories like Shangri-La Blinds in Singapore and Honeycomb Blinds in Singapore with their own specialties, benefits and attractive designs and are chosen accordingly in renovations of small apartments in Singapore.

No matter what you decide upon, always make sure to have the decoration in which you feel comfortable. It is your home and your utmost comfort is the topmost priority in the selection of home décor.

That’s all folks for this week! Till the next article!

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